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“Absolutely LOVE STP and the STP family. Lasting friendships, a growth in our spiritual walk, prayer partners, lots of wisdom and love …. and of course some AMAZING theater.”

Kathy M, STP Parent

“Excellent job! Plan to attend many, many, more shows.”

Harold H., STP parent

“The absolute BEST place for good, Christ centered theatre. Full of fellowship, fun and JESUS! Word’s cannot describe how much I love this place. Incredible.”

Sarina E., past graduate

“Henry Blackaby advises those who want to Experience God to find out where He is powerfully moving and join Him in that work. That’s STP!!”

Amy D., past director

“I’ve been looking for a place to perform while still honoring God because so many secular theatre companies try hard to keep Him out of it, but STP gave me a place where I felt safe to develop my skills while praising God and being supported by so many amazing people. This is probably one of the best decisions I’ve made in my life. It’s a truly amazing place to grow in the faith among other people your age who share your passions.”

Karis H., past graduate

“I’ve been involved (in some shape or form) in Spiritual Twist Productions for thirteen years now, and have loved every minute of it … well, except that one time I got terribly sick during “Anne of Green Gables” 😉 And it’s not just the wonderful musical theater experience I’ve had, or the amazing friends I’ve made, but there’s so much I’ve learned about life and godliness that I will never forget. Thank you, Lord, for STP!!!”

Ellie F., past graduate

“We LOVE STP!! We started attending the plays many years ago but joined the family and my son is starting his 3rd year. He loves football but chose this over football and has never regretted it! Great plays with the gospel message …. can’t get any better!”

April M., STP parent

“It’s impossible to articulate how much God has done in my life through my years in STP. He took this painfully shy girl and pulled her out of her shell, and more importantly, taught her so much about what it is to really know and walk with Him!”

Lindy M., past graduate

“I love going to STP! I like to be with my friends and tell the audience about Jesus!”

Cameron, age 9

“STP has given my family a place where we can grow in our faith and serve God with our whole family. Everyone loves being part of a community that is committed to sharing the gospel, and we can see the difference that the ministry makes in our children.”

Dean, STP board member

“Several of my Directors and peers have assisted in strengthening me both as an actress and a Christian. Through STP I have learned to work with others, constantly pray through difficult situations, and speak up when necessary.”

Nia, 2019 graduate

“After thinking about it, I realized that the work being done at STP is miraculously all-encompassing. In every aspect of my life, I have seen how this ministry has deeply impacted me. It not only provides a way for me to connect closer to people, but it also gives me time for unplugging and really drawing closer to God.”

Seth, 2019 graduate

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