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Summer Camps

Various Summer Camps

Ms. Angie's Summer Sewing Camps

Summer Sewing Camps

13+ Summer Camps

Various Summer Camps

Summer Adult Intensive (17+)

M,W,F 6-10pm

Summer 13+ Intensive

Tu,Th 6-10pm

Monday 4-8

Monday, 4-5pm

Monday 8-14

Monday, 4:30-6pm

Monday 13+

Monday, 6-7:30pm

Tuesday 8-14

Tuesday, 4:30-6pm

Tuesday 13+

Tuesday, 6-7:30pm

Wednesday Homeschool (8+)

Wednesday, 2-3:30pm

Wednesday 13+

Wednesday, 4-6pm

Thursday 8-14

Thursday, 4-5:30pm

Thursday Christmas Show

Thursday, 5:30-9pm

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