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At Spiritual Twist Productions, we celebrate community and service, embracing the unique gifts God has given each volunteer. Join us in bringing our productions to life, where every role, big or small, plays a vital part in our mission.

Why Support STP?

As STP continues to offer gospel-centered performances to our community, we ask that you, our patrons, continue to give generously to support our ministry.

Did you know?

  • Our ministry reaches students from 8 surrounding counties.

  • Casts may include students from ages 4 to adults.

  • Classes include students with a variety of giftings. Students are encouraged to use them for God’s glory as they prepare and produce their class show.

  • This year’s class devotions feature lessons from the book of James. Designed as a Bible study, students are learning about the holiness of God, how to lovingly care for others, and the importance of honoring God with their words and actions.

  • Prayer and praise are an integral part of our ministry. Casts gather early to pray for our audiences, one another, and to sing praises to God. Backstage worship is a sweet time that is an unforgettable experience for our students.

  • Each production features themes that resonate in scripture and point toward Jesus Christ, our Lord and Savior.

  • Many of our shows are written by students and directors within our ministry!

Ways to Give

Mail In Donation

Mail gifts to:

Spiritual Twist Productions

1250 Aversboro Rd

Garner, NC 27529

Give Online

Give Online Below!

One-time or recurring donations.

In Person

We have a donation box hanging on the wall in our lobby where tax deductible gifts can be given.


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Your support of Spiritual Twist Productions is crucial to helping us continue our mission of creating meaningful and inspirational theatrical experiences. With your donation, you help us shape the next generation through wholesome Christian productions.


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