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Piano Audition Image

Each student will need to prepare a short monologue and at least one verse and chorus of a song.  Please note that both should be memorized and the entire audition should be no longer than five minutes for 8-12 or Homeschool classes, and no longer than three minutes for all classes 13 and up. It is recommended that students give themselves plenty of time to choose audition pieces, memorize, rehearse, and fine tune – AT LEAST two weeks before the audition date! The longer you have to rehearse the better.  Directors will not make you sing if the very thought of it makes you ill, BUT, please remember this will eliminate you for consideration for quite a few roles.  Accompaniment for vocals, either with an accompaniment track (we have CD and iPod plug-in capabilities) or having someone accompany you on the piano, is highly recommended, as even some of our most advanced students can lose pitch without accompaniment!

Suggestions for audition pieces:

  • Monologue – something from a film, play, or novel. For example, a Disney film like “Aladdin” or “Tarzan,” a novel like “Tom Sawyer” or “Anne of Green Gables,” or a Broadway musical like “My Fair Lady,” etc.

  • Songs – preferably something theatrical, although popular songs and hymns/worship songs are permitted. Ex. Something from Disney, like “Beauty and the Beast,” “Newsies,” or “Frozen” or something from Broadway, like “Wicked,” “The Sound of Music,” or “Annie.”

Dance Audition Image

The main things casting directors look for, besides strong vocal and acting skills, are:

  • Projection (speaking loudly)

  • Stage presence (energy and confidence)

  • Development of character (are you yourself, or your character on stage?)

  • Passion! (be willing to take risks!)

  • Also – being able to follow directions, a righteous attitude, and a willing and servant’s heart!!!

“Commit your actions to the LORD, and your plans will succeed.” ~ Proverbs 16:3
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