Spiritual Twist Productions is a non-profit organization

just outside of Raleigh, NC, that gives children and youth, ages 4 to college level, the opportunity to experience the performing arts in

a Christian context and as a medium for Christian ministry.








February 11th-13th
Directed by Leslie Hanna
Performed by the Tuesday Homeschool (8-16) Class
"Little Women", Louisa May Alcott’s coming of age tale of the March sisters, comes to life in this full length musical production written by Natalie Snapp and Lynn Parker.  This timeless story of the March family paints a picture of four young girls struggling to find their own unique place in the world. Meg, the oldest, is looking forward to having her own home and family, while Amy, the youngest, dreams of being an artist and traveling through Europe enjoying the finer things of life.  Beth, the soft-spoken sister, lives through her music and is more concerned with keeping peace in her own family than thinking about what the future may hold.  And then there is the high-spirited, rather boyish, Jo, who dreams of writing great novels, and refuses to conform to the convention that girls must marry and keep house.  Marmee, their mother, holds the family together while their father is away at war, and is a constant reminder of God’s loving faithfulness through their most difficult days.
Will they find suitable husbands to support them, as expected by their wealthy Aunt March, or will they marry for love?  Will Jo finish her novel, or will she choose a husband and stay in Concord?  Do Amy’s dreams of high society living come true?  And most importantly, can God’s love really sustain them when faced with the most difficult trials and choices?  Join us in February to watch the March girls transform into "Little Women"!








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