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Who’s Who in the Cast- Never After 2019

Grace C. (Martha, Demon, Angel)

This is Grace’s third year in STP and her favorite role was “Mary” in An Audience of One! One thing she has learned this year is that “words are powerful! The lyrics in the songs have so much meaning; But also when communicating with your fellow cast members just a kind word can make someone feel wanted and loved.” In her free time, Grace likes singing and dancing! Eventually, Grace wants to be a “stay at home mom with children of my own that I can do my best to lead to Christ.” Grace wants the world to know that “Christ has a gift for every single one of us and we just have to except His gift which is eternal life in harmony with Him and those who love Him! He died so we could enjoy His gift of life and have a purpose.”

Abigail F. (Chorus)

This is Abigail’s second year of STP! One thing she has enjoyed while working on Never After this year is that “Every role is important and the show does a good job portraying sin.” Her favorite part of being involved in Never After is the music/songs! In her spare time, Abigail enjoys singing and taking pictures, Abigail hopes to be a photographer in the future. Abigail wants the world to know that Jesus “brings hope, He is love, and if we just trust in Him and give our hearts to Him He has given us Salvation.”

Victoria G. (Goldilocks)

This is Victoria’s fifth year in STP! Her favorite part of working on Never After is “seeing God work and move through the cast as we grow in Him.” This year she has learned “To be patient, your happily ever after will come, but on Gods timing, not your own.” In the future, Victoria wants to be a director at a Theatre! In her free time, she enjoys Tae Kwon Do and theatre! Victoria wants to tell the world that Jesus “is a loving and merciful God who already has the best planned out for you. You just need to be patent, listen, and try your best to follow His will. Place your worries in His hands and leave them there. God has your back!”

Jonathan H. (Aiden)

This is Jonathan’s ninth year in STP, his favorite role in that time is Aiden! His favorite thing about playing Aiden is that “it has really pushed him to break acting habits of sorts.” Jonathan’s Hobbies include singing, and doing “hair stuffs”. In the future, Jonathan wants to “work in both the barber shop and the quartet!” One thing Jonathan wants the world to know is that “Jesus is the light at the end of the hallway and all you have to do is walk to him.”

Mimi H. (Lily)

This is Mimi’s third year in STP! One thing she has learned this year is not to take anything at face value. One thing she has enjoyed about working on Never After is the choreography for the dances and the fighting! She has also enjoyed playing Lily, who is a fun combination of being sarcastic and a bit of an air head. In her spare time, Mimi swims competitively (13+ hours a week), and writes a little! In the future, Mimi wants to be a swim coach and to own her own Chick-fil-A! Mimi wants the world to know just how real and pure God’s love is!

Joyanna M. (Cinderella)

This is Joyanna’s eighth year in STP, and in that time, her favorite role she’s played is “Cosette” in Les Misèrables! One thing she has learned from being in Never After is that “the Lord is always near to me. Jesus has broken my chains and calls me His. I never have a reason to stop singing ‘I am free!’” In the future, Joyanna hopes to be a music artist writing, recording, and performing her music and sharing her passion for music and Jesus with others! Her hobbies include songwriting, playing the piano, singing, hanging out with her fabulous family, driving, and having chats with friends over a good cup of coffee. Joyanna wants to tell the world “He never stops pursuing us! Even when we think we are unforgivable, unredeemable, and unlovable, our Savior stands ready to forgive, redeem, and love us. We’re never too far gone, never beyond His reach. He can break our chains and set us free so we are no longer a slave to fear!”

Melanie M. (Gretel)

This is Melanie’s eighth year in STP! In that time, Gretel is her favorite role she has ever played! In her spare time, Melanie enjoys being with family, being outside, reading, singing, and cleaning. In the future, Melanie wants to be an Elementary Teacher, a mom and a faithful servant to the Most Holy God doing whatever he calls her to do. One thing Melanie has learned this year is “no matter how far we may run from God, He is always right behind us, waiting and calling us to come home to Him. I have learned that He is an ever-present shelter for the lost, broken, and sinful.”

Lauren P. (Christine)

Over the five years Lauren has been in STP, her favorite role was “Chris” in The Prodigals. Some of Lauren’s hobbies include playing piano, guitar, ukulele, and drums, drawing, reading, singing, and spending time with family and friends! In the future, Lauren wants to teach English online, sing about God to people in need of hope, and adopt alpacas. Lauren wants to tell the world that “Even when we fail [Jesus], He is merciful to forgive us and love us despite our sins. He is always there for us, even when no one else is. Even when the world is crumbling, even when our hearts are breaking, He will stay right by our sides. He will wipe away our tears and He will mend our broken hearts.”

Molly S. (Polly)

In the five years Molly has been in STP, Polly has been her favorite role! In the future, Molly wants to work with people in hospitality and event planning! Some of her hobbies include singing, dancing, acting, theatre, hanging with friends, and photography. One thing Molly has learned from playing Polly is that “that letting others in and letting others help is not a bad thing, you don’t have to think/handle it all by yourself and always act like you have it together, but with the help of others, much more can be accomplished! But what I’ve learned from being in the show is to not give up hope, or feel alone. You are never alone, God is with you.

Logan T. (Hansel)

This is Logan’s second year in STP and his favorite role is his current one! One thing Logan has learned from being in Never After is “not be ignorant and disrespect authority because they probably know what is best for you, and if you don’t listen, then you can find yourself stranded in the middle of the woods in a giant candy house with a witch that wants to eat you, hypothetically speaking of course.” In his free time, Logan likes to spend time with friends and family, acting, singing, watching movies, and playing cello, saxophone, and piano. Logan wants the world to know that you “are never too far away from Jesus and that no one is ever too far from forgiveness and his grace.”

Brier W. (Father)

This is Brier’s first year in STP and his favorite part of being in Never After is all the wonderful people involved in this production! One thing he has learned this year is the struggle of holding out hope for your children. In his spare time, Brier enjoys reading, playing piano, and sign language. In the future, Brier wants to be a biology teacher! One thing that Brier wants to tell the world about Jesus is that “He wept.”

Ellie W. (Abigail)

This is Ellie’s third year of being in STP, and her favorite part of working on a show is watching the show change and adapt as the play comes together! One thing she has learned from being in Never After this year is that following God’s calling is the only way to true happiness. Eventually, Ellie wants to be a flight attendant, but for now, she enjoys horseback riding, traveling, and reading. Ellie wants to tell the world that Jesus “will give us the strength to accomplish His will.”

Karenna W. (Dara)

This is Karenna’s second year in STP! Her favorite role she has played was the “Wicked Queen” in Snow White (Cornerstone Theatre). Her favorite part of being in Never After is working on choreographing the fight scene. In her free time, Karenna enjoys paddle boarding, dancing, working out, and traveling. In the future, Karenna wants to be an actress or a wedding planner! Karenna wants to tell the world that “peace comes when you completely surrender everything to [Jesus].”

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