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1.4 TTA Takeover – Lucie Maricle

Occasionally, we will feature a TTA who will both write and deliver devotions for the week. Lucie Maricle has done an excellent job as our first TTA Takeover. We pray you are blessed to hear from STP young leaders.

Your Ways Are Higher Than Mine

Hello Everyone! My name is Lucie Maricle. I am an STP graduate after six or seven years as a student in this ministry. It was not long ago I was sitting in your same seats listening to the devotionals you are now. I am thrilled and honored to be able to write and present your devo this week. Last week, when I was asked by Ms. Barb to write this, she asked me to share what God is teaching me. Here just one story of how God worked in me this week and His continued faithfulness in my life as I trust Him to lead me through.

Shall we rewind to last Sunday…

It was your typical Sunday afternoon. As my family poured into our home after church famished and noisy, as always, my mom turned on some music and went about lunch preparations. She turned on ‘The Collingsworth Family’, which is often on shuffle at our house. I didn’t pay much attention to the music at first. When you have three brothers and live in a musical household, music tends to blend into the chaos of life. I’ve learned to accept it as white noise.

I sat down at our kitchen table. My Bible lay in front of me, softly calling my name, like an old friend beckoning me to visit. After reading in the Psalms, a favorite way of mine to start bible time, I felt called to Isaiah 54. “Okay, Lord,” I thought, “guide me in Your Word.”

As I finished Isaiah 54, I didn’t feel I gained supernatural wisdom or revelation. “Keep going” I felt something inside me say. So, onto Isaiah 55 I ventured, unsure and not hopeful. I arrived at verse 9, which reads –

“For as the heavens are higher than the earth, so are my ways higher than your ways and my thoughts higher than your thoughts.”

I snapped back to reality and tuned my ear toward the music in the background. The song was called ‘Your Ways Are Higher Than Mine’. The particular lyric that stood out to me was “Your ways are higher than mine. I want mountains to move, You want me to climb.”

I laughed at God’s perfect timing. As of late I had felt so overwhelmed and stressed. I was losing friendships, my future seemed to be crumbling before my eyes, and I- being a natural planner since birth, had felt so defeated with the questions that faced the unknown. Questions of “What ifs”, “Why did”, and “What is going to happen?” seemed to swirl my head.

However, God reminded me that His ways and His thoughts are higher than mine. Because of my flesh, I can only see part of the picture. It is like looking at a telescope and only being able to see a few stars when God is saying “Just trust Me! There are whole galaxies you cannot even imagine!”

So, yes, there may be mountains we ask God to move, and He can move them, but do not be discouraged if He doesn’t because He may have a purpose for your climb.

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