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1.2 Devotions on the Book of Ephesians

Who is the main character in your story? Did you know that at one time Paul, the writer of Ephesians, hated Christians to the point of actually persecuting them? Paul did this to please himself and the Jewish leaders of his time. Paul was the main character in his story! But Jesus had another plan for Paul—He wanted to be the main character in Paul’s story.

You can read about Paul’s strange encounter with Jesus in Acts 9:1-19, Acts 22:6-21, & Acts 26:12-18. Paul was on his way to Damascus to gather both men and women who believed in Jesus and bring them back in chains to Jerusalem. On his way, there was a light so bright that it blinded him and he heard Jesus’ voice asking him why he was persecuting Christians. Paul’s blindness lasted 3 days until God used another man, Ananias, to heal him. Ananias was scared to go to this Christian-hater but since Jesus was the main character in Ananias’ story, he obeyed and God used him to heal Paul.

It’s a pretty incredible story of how God chose Paul to share the truth of Jesus to the very people he had been persecuting as well as to a totally different people – the Gentiles. In a flash, the main character of Paul’s story changed from himself to Jesus.

As we come together to examine fictional characters and how they fit into the story we are going to tell on the STP stage, let’s also examine our own hearts. Let’s ask ourselves, “who is the main character in my story?” Is it me? Do I want what I want? Do I care too much about what my friends think of me? Or, am I giving Jesus center stage? How is God transforming me? Who is God bringing along my life to point me back to Him?

It’s comforting to think that God’s plans and purposes for our lives are perfect and that He is faithful since He “chose us in him before the foundation of the world, that we should be holy and blameless before him (ESV Ephesians 1:4).” Now that’s love.

As a cast member at STP, you have been chosen too! You have been chosen to share the gospel of Jesus in a very unique way. My prayer for you is that you would live with Jesus as the main character of your personal story and that God would use each of us to encourage each other along the way.

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